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Special Situations

In addition to fostering relationships with partner-tenants, IronGate Data Centers is seeking sale/leaseback and landlord-based joint-venture opportunities.



IronGate Data Centers is interested in Sale-Leaseback acquisitions whereby enterprise data center owner-occupiers wish to capitalize on owned data center assets by selling them to us and leasing back some or all of the space, thereby transforming their occupancy expense from a capital expenditure, into an operating expense. We’re particularity interested in opportunities that require investment in improvements to meet concurrently-maintainable specifications, and where there’s potential for expansion and multi-tenanting.

Landlord-based Joint-Venture

IronGate Data Centers in interested establishing joint-ventures with landlords whom own vacant or underutilized data centers. IronGate would provide funding for improvements to meet concurrently maintainable specifications and would manage the operation.

Occupied Data Center Investments

IronGate is looking for stable, occupied data centers that can be purchased for their cash-flow. IronGate is interested in such opportunities in the United States.

IronGate Data Centers