Protection is Central.

John Botnen

Chief Technical Officer

Mr. Botnen joined IronGate Data Centers as Chief Technical Officer. He leads design and engineering activities, as well as daily data center operations and security.  Mr. Botnen joined IronGate Data Centers after a successful career at Unisys Corporation and IBM.

Mr. Botnen held management positions at Unisys Corporation that included the responsibilities for the design, development and management of the Unisys Data Center located in Eagan, Minnesota.  Later he became a Senior Sales Executive, responsible for design and development of data centers throughout the county for Unisys Corporations’ clients.

In 2007 John began working for IBM, where he was a Senior Sales Executive and member of IBM “Green Data Center” team, which developed some of the most energy efficient data centers in the world. Mr. Botnen earned his BA degree in Business from the University of Minnesota and his MMA Degree from Metropolitan State University additionally he served as a Captain, Signal Corps US ARMY.

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